Here at PPSE, we are boots on the ground kind of people with an unwavering commitment to do right by our customers, our employees and our families. Having successfully worked and managed major jobs up and down the Eastern US and Canada over the decades, we know precast and steel erection like the back of our hands and we take pride in being really good at it.  Hospitals, stadiums, government buildings, parking decks, college campuses, you name it.  We've built it.  Using the latest engineering and construction methods, heavy equipment (real heavy...) and the grit and determination to get even the toughest jobs done safely and done right.

So, with 20+ years of rock solid experience and the backbone to stand behind everything we do, our company is focused on being the best in the business from the ground UP.

We are always ready to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty - every time, anytime.  You can expect the highest level of quality, safety and respect from us and we demand it from ourselves.  When we go to sleep at night, we want to be exhausted from a hard days' work and a job well done.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

- Jeff Harnish, Owner (603) 400-7044